Sunday School


Sunday School


Sunday School Class

Get involved in the life of the church by attending our Sunday school classes in the parish hall. The adult class starts after the 9:00 service (usually around 10:15).


Being God's People: An Approach to Being an Episcopal Parish

Sunday Mornings With The Very Reverend Steven A. Peay, PhD


18 – Being God’s People:  God, the Bible, Theology, and the Church

25 – Being God’s People: What does it mean to “be Church” part 1 (the Church ‘one, holy, catholic, apostolic’)


4 – Being God’s People: What does it mean to “be Church” part 2 (the Church communion, diocesan, parochial/what it means to be in the Anglican Communion and to be an Episcopalian)

11 – Being God’s People:  “Praying Shapes Believing” (worship, and why we do it)

18 – Being God’s People:  “The People’s Work” – the Book of Common Prayer (history, anatomy, use)

25 – Being God’s People:  “Teach Us to Pray” (spirituality – communal and personal)



Children Sunday School Class

Children's Sunday School are at 9:00 am every Sunday.






The Parish and Fellowship Hall

Church Street, 1111 N Genesee St

Delafield, Wisconsin, 53018