Sunday School


Sunday School


Sunday School Class

Get involved in the life of the church by attending our Sunday school classes in the parish hall. The adult class starts after the 9:00 service (usually around 10:15).


Our next Sunday School session will begin Sunday, October 20th. We will be looking at the odd things contained in the Old Testament from child sacrifice to laws against eating camels, using the book This Strange and Sacred Scripture by Matthew Richard Schlimm. A bulk order will be placed by the parish for the book if you would like a copy of the book please let Patty know.

Previous Sunday School Classes

Adult Confirmation (i.e. everything you wanted to know about Christianity in 18 easy steps)

Please join us as we study the following topics:

February 17: In the Beginning - The Origin of Christianity

February 24: Judges, Kingdoms and Exile

March 3: Bishop’s visitation (no Sunday School)

March 10: The time before the New Testament

March 17 Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel

March 24: Unto us a Child is born

March 31: Christ the Lord is risen today

April 7: Acts of the Apostles

April 14: The Epistles and The Revelation

April 21: Easter Sunday (no Sunday School)

April 28: Stuff that did not make the Bible

May 5: Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the earth

May 12: Church Councils

May 19: Those Wacky Middle Ages

May 26: Reformation

June 2: The King's Great Matter

June 9: After Henry VIII: Edward VI, Mary I and the Elizabethan Settlement

June 16: Anglicanism comes to America

June 23: How did the Episcopal Church get to Wisconsin

June 30: The recent unpleasantness


Children Sunday School Class

Children's Sunday School is at 9:00 am every Sunday.






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